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Minister to consider change to ESA implementation


THUNDER BAY Guarded optimism from the Ontario Forestry Coalition (OFC) reflects the outcome of a meeting Tuesday between Ontario’s Minister of Natural Resources and members of the forestry sector.

Auto/forest workers to be endangered species in Ontario


TORONTO As manufacturing jobs bleed from Ontario, the province cannot afford to see the forest sector making more announcements like those made this week by General Motors in Oshawa. There are enough challenges facing manufacturers without badly implemented provincial legislation leading to more suffering, the McGuinty government was told yesterday by members of Ontario Forestry Coalition (OFC).

Endangered communities tour


THUNDER BAY – With no sign that government intends to honor its commitment and address critical concerns over implementation of the province’s Endangered Species Act, a broad coalition of stakeholders is taking their call to action on the road to “endangered communities.”

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No wood, no future ... Critical Action needed now!

Within a few short weeks Ontario’s new Endangered Species Act (ESA) will be implemented, and to date, despite repeated requests from the Ontario Forestry Coalition (OFC) and industry, government has not honored its commitment ...

Government must keep its commitment on ESA

For over six months the forestry sector has been working with government in good faith to make the province’s new “gold standard” Endangered Species Act (ESA) work efficiently, but it appears there will be an 11th hour reversal that will break government commitments and leave Ontario’s forest industry with huge uncertainty in its future.

Mayors, industry groups urge Endangered species consulatation

A large and growing list of industry, municipal and business interests have demanded the Ontario government consult on  Endangered Species legislation.

Rush job on Species at Risk Act endangers jobs, economy

As proposed, Bill 184, Ontario's Endangered Species Act, is flawed and holds the potential to be ineffective in actually protecting species at risk. Further, the fast-tracked legislation has onerous implications for negative impacts on jobs, communities and the provincial economy.

Coalition urges more on electricity rate reform

Industrial rates critical for industry

Coalition must be at the energy table

Lack of Action on Energy to Blame

THUNDER BAY – The Ontario Forestry Coalition scolded the Province for their ongoing lack of response to the pivotal forestry crisis in Northwestern Ontario today at the NOMA Fall Conference. Mayor’s from Kenora, Dryden, Thunder Bay, and Greenstone along with Richard Adams, Past President of the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities, demanded the Province act quickly and deliver the proposed $45/mwh electricity rate.

OFC Presents to the Standing Committee on Government Agencies

Speaking notes to the Standing Committee on Government Agencies

Report card press conference photos

See scenes from the actual Thunder Bay media conference that made headlines across Northern Ontario

Keep people working PDF

Premier must address electricity rates, red tape

TORONTO, April 27 - With an ominous acceleration of recent forest industry mill closures and job losses across the province, the Premier of Ontario must address two key issues - sky high electricity rates and business killing red tape -- or face the growing spectre of communities decimated by unemployment and a continued out-migration of people, talent and prosperity.

"Urgent action must be taken because the forest industry job loss of 2,240 in just the City of Thunder Bay is the equivalent of 385,000 jobs in the City of Toronto" said Lynn Peterson, Mayor of Thunder Bay. "When you include all of the continuing losses in all of the mill towns across Ontario you can see that we are experiencing an unprecedented economic catastrophe. I can say with certainty that the Ontario government must act quickly by providing immediate investment and policy change."

A Vision for Prosperity in Ontario's Forestry Sector PDF
TORONTO, Feb. 22 /CNW/ - The government is strengthening Ontario's forest sector by investing $220 million over the next three years to help with the cost of forest access roads and reduce stumpage fees paid by companies, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced today.
Ontario pledges aid to forestry sector PDF
The Ontario government has promised to have a financial incentive package ready for the beleaguered forest industry in northern Ontario by the end of next month.
Forest industry needs help PDF
Flying under the radar screen here in southern Ontario is turmoil in the northern part of the province. In northeastern Ontario, a cabinet minister has been burned in effigy. In the northwest, there is talk of secession from Ontario to join neighbouring Manitoba.
Relief package leaves tree business way out on a limb PDF
Northwestern Ontario got a measure of relief yesterday with the government’s aid package for the beleaguered forest-products industry. But there was such a gaping hole in the strategy that it may be safe to say that the tree business is down for the count.
Keep the promise to strengthen Ontario's competitive edge PDF
Toronto -- A coalition of mayors, business and lumber and forest industry leaders converged on Queen's Park today to encourage the provincial and federal governments to take the additional steps needed to restore Ontario as a competitive jurisdiction for forestry jobs and investment.